Saturday, December 10, 2011

My Gizmo

Oh my Gizmo.
In the last few weeks, she had been super vocal.
Coming to the bedroom door in the early morning and begging to be let in.
Neither cat has done this in years.
Gizmo started following me absolutely everywhere. 
She wanted to be next to me all the time.

I knew something was wrong.
But I didn't want to know.
Not now.
Not as the one year mark of my dad's death approaches.
Not near Christmas.
Not ever.

But my poor Gizmo may have some kidney issues.
We must give her IV fluids for the weekend.
Then we will go back to the vet on Monday.

My cats have been with me through so much.
I do not even want to imagine my life without them.
Please be okay my Gizmo.

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