Thursday, January 27, 2011

Dear Grief

Music is and was one of my worst enemies and best friends during grief.
It can uplift me.
It can put me right back where I started.

I am not a huge fan of Avril Lavigne but her new song "Jar of Hearts" reminds me of what I would love to say to grief if it were a person.
Of something I would love to scream at grief.
I am tired of grief coming for me.  And I would really love if grief would leave me alone.
These lyrics in particular are speaking to me:

"And who do you think you are
Running 'round leaving scars
Collecting your jar of hearts
And tearing love apart
You're gonna catch a cold
From the ice inside your soul
So don't come back for me
Don't come back at all."


Anonymous said...

I thought Jar of Hearts was by Christina Perri . . . perhaps Avril did it too, but if you don't like her much (neither do I) the Perri version is beautiful.


(ps. there was an awesome dance performance to the song on So You Think You Can Dance - that's where I think the song shot to fame . . .

Sami said...

Simply put & well said.

Crash Course Widow said...

Random tidbit…but I first heard that song last summer while watching So You Think You Can Dance. I'm in LOVE with that show and adore when it's finally on in the summer (with no other new shows to compete =)). Someone else wrote and recorded it…and found a huge amount of success once one of the choreographers used it in a piece on the show. And apparently Avril Levigne bought it off her. =)

I agree that Miss Spoiled Levigne Pants can be quite annoying…so if you like the song enough, check out the other artist's version on iTunes. I can't remember her name at all, but I know it was released to iTunes last summer.

How's that for a totally pointless comment? ;o)

Pink's "Who Knew" really got to me in the same way, when it was on the radio 2 years ago. It was really rudely timed, since I was ~3 yrs out and the chorus repeats over and over, "If someone said 3 years from now, you'd be long gone…" I both loved and hated the song, and listened to it incessantly, and loudly, and often in my car or on my iPod when I was kidless. ;o)

Nickelback's "Saving Me" was another big one that did it to me, about 4 months after Charley died and as the first shock and numbness started wearing off.

Hooray for music. Pffth. ;o)

Whitney said...

One more thing, my mother and I also spread my dad's ashes in the backyard where he passed. I always thought it was odd that he wanted his ashes spread in the back yard. We also planted a rose bush back there. After we spread his ashes, his beloved pit bull layed on the ground and rubbed her body all over the ashes. It was like she knew. May God bless you!