Saturday, January 15, 2011

Roger's Email

I am not sure why I did this.
I am not sure why I did this now after the last week or so.
But I opened Roger's email today as I was on the computer in the office for a different matter.
Mostly for curiousity I clicked on it.

It amazes me how long junk email will continue long after you have died.
When I was a little girl, I decided to send away for catalogs and I called every 800 number I could come across.
I got so many free samples, coupons, and catalogs for everything.
But eventually the catalogs stop coming.
It usually took about a year.
If a person did not order in that amount of time, I suppose the companies felt the benefit was not worth the expense.
With junk email however, I guess the expense is so little that even two and a half years after Roger's death, he still gets all his TGI Fridays and Borders coupons and at least a thousand other emails every six months or so.

But what I should not have done was look in the "Out" box. 
I do love reading his old emails to me.
To hear his voice.
To see his usual "Its all good" response.
But it makes me sad.
It makes me teary eyed.

I found one email from August 3, 2008 sent to a person asking a question about Habitat for Humanity.
He referred to me as "my wife".
I so loved being his wife.
I hate being a widow.



Ferree Bowman Hardy said...

I never thought to check on my husband's email--I wish I would have. So although it made you sad, I don't know, it seems like a good thing to me. But I am so sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences so honestly. "My" and "wife" are two words that are really beautiful when put together. Sigh.

Our Fondaco Family said...

Thanks for sharing your story....