Saturday, June 18, 2011

Picking Out Vows

I have to say for the most part wedding planning is going very smoothly, knock on wood.
I am even enjoying myself.
We are getting the vendors we want.
All my bridesmaids said yes.
And things are shaping up fairly well.
Mr. X and I are getting quite a bit done before I head into the classroom in the fall.
The tricky parts are, of course, making it "our" wedding.
And making it a different enough that it is still me and does not remind me of wedding #1.

One of the things that tugged at my heart stings quite a bit was picking vows.
Our officiant gave us a huge list of ones to choose from but Mr. X did not want too much "God" talk.
And I did not want any "one true love".
Or super short vows that did not sound sincere and sacred.
Oddly I wanted "death do us part".
And from this huge list we did not find any that we loved.

So I went into the office.
I had a book.
Actually I inherited a book.
A wedding ceremony book.
As I searched for the perfect set of vows I saw Roger's small handwriting from the one wedding ceremony he had performed.
But in that small brown book I found them.
The absolutely perfect wedding vows.

"I, Mr. X, take you, Star
As my dear and lawful wife.
I commit myself to you as your faithful husband,
To honor you as a person,
To love you as my companion,
And to cherish you.
I intend the love I have for you now to be only the beginning of the love I will come to have for you.
I look forward to sharing my life with you,
Whatever the future holds,
And I will comfort you,
Confide in you,
And travel with you from this day forth,
Whatever the conditions of our lives or of the world around us."

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Karen said...

That is just lovely.