Sunday, February 28, 2010

I Remember

I remember when I had the flu back in December 1998.
My boyfriend-at-the-time put me into a luke warm bath to cool my raging fever.
Then he had to rush me to the emergency room as the fever was not coming down and I was shaking violently with cold chills.

I remember Christmas 1999 in Florida.
Same boyfriend and I were very poor in my first apartment in Orlando.
He strung up lights in the shape of a tree and taped up ornaments because we could not afford a real tree.

I remember May 2000 when another boyfriend and I got our first puppy.
The puppy was sweet and smart and we took turns taking care of her.
We had huge dreams.

I remember October 2001 on my twenty-first birthday.
My friend Tom took me to a local bar for my first legal drink.
We played Trivial Pursuit cards at the bar and listened to U2.

I remember March 2002 on my first European vacation.
I was standing on a bridge in Stockholm as the sun was setting.
The first guy I loved standing next me and we were trying to keep warm.

I remember October 2003 trying not to pee in my pants.
A group of coworkers and I were going through some haunted houses around Halloween.
We were giggling so hard at being so scared.

I remember December 2004 standing next to the Sydney Opera House.
It was an amazing day of "flat white" coffee, walking through gardens, and sipping Australian beer.
The warm wind whipping through my hair and on my face.

I remember June 2005 riding on I95 in a huge Uhaul.
I cried leaving my New York City and all my friends.
But I was excited about returning "home".

I remember July 2006. Realizing I was ready for marriage.
I remember April 2007. Buying a house.
I remember February 2008. The happiest day of my life.

I remember June 2009 sitting at my favorite Orlando park with an amazing guy.
I was realizing I could be happy, again.
My heart was starting to go pitter patter, again.

So why in 2010, I am so afraid of forgetting.
I will not forget you, Roger. I must remember that I will not forget.
I do not have to try to remember these other moments.
They are all there.

And if I do forget some small details, it is okay.
It is okay to forget.
It does not mean I do not love you.
It does not mean we were not real.
It does not mean you were not special.

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