Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Backyard Update

Last month I wrote about my plants.
I was so depressed looking at my backyard.
I cried as I realized everything was dying from the extreme cold and the bitter winds.
It was awful.

A couple weeks ago my doorbell rang.
It was my yard guy.
He said almost everything was dead.
He asked if he could cut everything back.
He said things may come back.
Or maybe not.
"Sure" I said as my stomach dropped.

With the time change, Florida also changes the water restrictions.
So tonight I was outside changing the sprinkler system.
I looked back where the banana trees used to be and I saw the first picture.
It was depressing once again.
I wanted to cry again.

I grabbed some fertilizer for the other plants.
As I was sprinkling the small pellets around, I noticed something else.
The second picture.

I got closer.
And I noticed something.
Something amazing.
I have some baby banana trees coming up.
Yes, the old ones are gone and dead.
But there are new ones for me to take care of.
I probably will not have bananas for a while but I have banana trees!
I have banana trees!!!

Some of the other "dead" things are coming back to life as well.
Some new sprouts here and there.
Some new life peaking out from underneath the old dead leaves.

Surviving despite the conditions.
New life.

1 comment:

Joanne said...

Banana trees always have "hijos." They sprout up all the time. I'm glad yours decided to pop up! :)