Friday, February 12, 2010

"Peace" Lilly

When Roger died, I got flowers and plants.
Which was nice and I realize people do not really know what to do, so giving plants and flowers is what they do.
But the flowers died.
And I do not have a green thumb.
Now I am down to two plants from that week.
One small peace lilly in the kitchen that hates me and will never bloom.
And one plant also in the kitchen that is actually kinda cool but it never blooms either.
But it is semi-healthy.

The latest round of plant deaths actually happened a few weeks ago.
Maybe a month ago now; time sucks.
Florida had about a week of below freezing weather.
I covered all the plants I could with bed sheets.
I had no idea what else to do.
I covered Roger's banana trees, the crotons, and some other random plants.

After the first morning, I realized I made a grave mistake.
I forgot the peace lilly plant outside my kitchen window someone gave me.
It hated me too for the last eighteen months.
It never bloomed and would always have some leaves turning brown constantly reminding me of Roger's death. Maybe I should have planted it somewhere else.
That first morning it looked awful.
Like I had murdered the damn thing.
I wanted to cry.

I tried covering it up the next few nights of miserable cold.
It did not help.
The plant is pretty much dead.
I see a few specks of green on the main stem but I do not know what to do know.

The crotons are dead.
All their leaves dropped off.
Damn them!

The banana trees... I am not sure.
I know for sure that some of them are completely gone.
But there are a few specks of green on a few of them too.
They really make me sad. I cried as I heard the wind ripping through the dead leaves.
Roger loved those trees.
We even moved them from the old house to our new home.
And now I pretty much have killed them too.
Even his aloe plants look like they are sick.
I am hoping they survive me.

I have no idea what to do to help possibly save these sick plants.
But why can't they live?
Why do they have to die too?
Why do they have to be so much work?



Pam said...

The banana trees will probably come back in the spring. You will need to cut the old leaves off, I waited until I saw the new green ones coming on. It was amazing how much it grew too! I only know this because I have one too. A reader in East Texas, Pam.

Jennifer M Karn said...

Read this (If you don't already follow)

Jackie said...

So strange that you wrote about flowers today....So did I! Jenifer M Karn sent me here to read. LOVE your blog.