Friday, September 4, 2009

The Tiger

Roger had two tattoos.
One on each of his upper arms.
One was a lion.
One was a tiger.
Roger was a leo astrology-wise and loved big cats.

The lion tattoo was really cool.
It was his first one.
The detail was amazing.

The tiger one was okay.
Not great.
The detail was blah.
The color was starting to fade.

Now, Roger and I saw a lot of movies together.
We lived fairly close and I have always enjoyed going to the movie theatre.
And in late 2007/early 2008, we saw the preview for "10000 BC".
For a few short seconds, we saw the face of a sabertooth tiger.
Roger shot me a look.
"What?" I whispered.
"I like that!"

The next morning Roger explained that he wanted to modify his tiger tattoo.
"I want it to look more like that sabertooth tiger."
"Okay. Whatever you want dear."
So he found the image he liked and I found a black sharpie marker.
We marked up his arm in how the existing tiger could be made into this new cooler tiger.
Roger was excited.
He put his shirt back on.

Side note:
Roger and I had an agreement before our honeymoon.
A bit of a compromise.
Roger wanted us to get a tetanus shot in case of injury in St. Lucia.
And I wanted us to get a flu shot before the wedding.
So I got my tetanus shot.

Later this day, Roger and I were on our way out to run some errands.
We passed the minute clinic at our local CVS.
"Hey, we should go get your flu shot," I suggested.
We happily trotted into the CVS.
Headed toward the back.
We sat down into the waiting area to be seen.
I went into the exam room with Roger.
Roger explained our compromise to the nurse.
She smiled at us and our excitement about our wedding and honeymoon.
The nurse raised Roger's sleeve.
She gave us a strange look.
She started to smile and tried not to laugh.
I started to laugh.
It hit me why she was smiling.
There still on his upper arm where my black markings making his existing tattoo into a sabertooth tiger.
She did not say much but I could see Roger's silly mischievous smile appear.

I wonder what that nurse thought of us.
I wonder what she thought of this strange couple.
Roger and I laughed in the car at ourselves.

The tiger never had the chance to be modified...

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Supa Dupa Fresh said...

I do rather love your late husband, even though I never met him.

What a great story.


Supa, the Fresh widow