Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Grief Flu

I think something is going around.
But it's only contagious for a select few.
I think some of the other widow/widower bloggers I know are going through a similar thing.
The grief flu.

I feel tired.
I have a zillion things to do for school, home, and upcoming parties.
But all I want to do is nap.
And chill out.
Watch TV.
Eat horrible, crap food.
Not move.

It is a struggle for me to make plans with people.
I would rather just be at home.
I just want to curl up with a good book and a blanket and read.
Or sleep.

My body feels heavy.
I do not really feel like eating real meals.
Especially cooking.
I do not feel like going to the grocery store.
I do not want to clean my house.
Or take out the trash.
Clean a litter box.
I just want to be.

I do not want to make any decisions.
I hate having to pick out clothing.
I do not want to shower.
Or cut my finger nails.
Or brush my teeth.

I do not have the energy for it.
I just have enough energy to wake up.
To get out of bed.
But beyond that, everything is a struggle to get the energy for.
Which is bad since I have having 25 people over on Saturday.

Hopefully this is just a 24-48 hour flu.
Although it has already been longer than that.
Perhaps it is time for more counseling.

Sigh... the grief flu...

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