Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Halloween is on Saturday.
Three years ago on Halloween, Roger and I got engaged.
So much has changed in those three years.
We moved in together.
We bought a house.
We became landlords.
Roger got a passport.
We got married.
Roger died.

It amazes me even how much I have changed too.
And now how different my life is.
I am single again.
Not working.
In school full-time.
And dating a wonderful guy - Mr. X.
But not with Roger which seems odd for only being engaged three years ago.

I am having our-turned-my annual Halloween party this weekend.
Once again without Roger.
Once again with the amazing support of many friends.

The weird thing is I am reusing an old costume.
The same costume I wore the day I got engaged.
I did not really think about it till today when I pulled it into the house for it to get a makeover.
A lot like me.
Same bones. New girl.

Now as long as I can put on my party face instead of the way I feel at this moment, that will be good.
I will try.
I will put on a mask and try.


Chillin' with Lemonade said...

wow. HeeJun and I were engaged on Halloween too. I think I read a quote somewhere that said "Halloween is the best time to propose."


Funny Girl said...

Awwww....I love Halloween! :o) Too bad I have to leave so soon...otherwise you KNOW i'd be there for you babe!!! :o) Well, I hope you have fun (or try to) and I'll definitely be in touch soon! :o)