Tuesday, January 19, 2010

And Another One...

I had another dream.
This one a bit more disturbing.

This time Grace had a surprise for me waiting in Miami.
She seemed excited hence I was excited.
I arrived in Miami and Roger walked out of the door.
I was shocked. Grace was smiling ear to ear.
His hair was strange.
It was shaved in the front still from his head injury so Grace had him wearing a blue/green bandana.
In the back, it was longer and it had blondish streaks.

He sent his cousin Eddy to go get something from town.
Grace gave us some time alone.

We were sitting on the bed in Grace's new place in the room she set up for us.
He put his head in my lap and I started to run my hands through his hair.
I was crying.
I was happy.
He was talking.

But then of course, the dream became weirder.
He started to describe to me some tools that Mr. X is using at his new job.
It was a surveying tool used to measure and it had a special way to make it level.
It almost looked like a mini-wooden crane that shot a laser through the top.

I woke up in tears.
It was nice to talk to him some.
To tell him how much I miss him.
But also disturbing to think he could come back.
Disturbing for him to describe this weird tool.

I cried this morning as Mr. X left for work.
I asked him to be super careful.

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Roads said...

It would be difficult to fit the old life back together with the new one. I've often thought that.

There would be a few logistical problems, for sure. And (maybe even more difficult, really) I'm a very different person from the one I was before.