Monday, January 25, 2010

Our First and My Birthday

When Roger and I first met, it was two days before my twenty-fifth birthday.
But I already had plans.
Plans with another guy that I had just realized I liked.
And as many people know, right after that first meeting with Roger, I emailed Roger that I wanted to be "just friends".
It was a blow off and I figured I would never see Roger again.
Roger took it to heart and tried to be my friend.
"Just friends." Ha. Ha. Ha.

So a year later, we were dating.
Actually a little more than dating.
Roger had been threatening to propose since February 2006.
Yes, only about three months after we were officially dating.
I kept telling him not yet.
I was not sure I wanted to marry him.
Ha. Ha. Ha.

About seven weeks before our year meeting anniversary, I had given Roger permission to propose to me.
After a vacation together.
After I realized I had a pretty good traveling partner.

To celebrate our first anniversary of meeting each other and my birthday, we got a hotel at Disney World.
We stayed at one of the nicer resorts since we had a discount.
First thing we did was check out the pool.
And like mature adults, both of us became excited at the pool.
It had a water slide.

We quickly put on our swim suits.
Along with our eight year old counterparts, we ran up to the slide to wait our turn.
With huge smiles, we splashed into the pool.
Again. Again. And again.
It was quite humorous I am sure for the parents watching two grown adults running toward the slide along with their kids.
Waiting our turn.
And coming down as fast as we could.
Roger had the biggest smile plastered to his face.
It was so cute.
I was so proud.

It was a fantastic weekend.
He was my best friend.
More than just friends.
And there was no one I would have wanted to spend the day with.
Especially my birthday.
It was after that moment, I knew I wanted for sure to marry him.
Without a doubt.

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