Friday, April 2, 2010

Crazy Dreams

Last weekend and early this week, I did not sleep well.
How do I know?
I kept talking in my sleep.
Sure sign of mine that I am not sleeping very well.
It is probably a little bit of stress.
It is the only thing I can really think of.
There were not any super big days going on right now except for normal 23rd and 28th.
So it must be stress.

It started last Thursday night.
Mr. X had to wake me up in the middle of the night because he said I was whimpering.
Very loudly.
Enough to wake him up.
I do not really remember what I was dreaming except all day Friday I kept replaying Roger die.
I even cried a bit on my drive to school.

Then Friday night.
Saturday night.
And Sunday night, Mr. X was awakened by my mumbling.

On Monday night, I remembered one of my dreams.
I am not sure if I mumbled or not since Mr. X returned back to his house, but the dream was very vivid.
To the point that I still remember it today, four days later.

In this dream, I was having my yearly Fourth of July party, also my very most favorite holiday.
I was really bummed because no one except for a few people were at my house and it was already an hour after the party was scheduled to begin.
So I went to my room to cry.
I opened the blinds and saw the most amazing sight.
Snow! Gently falling.
The most beautiful white snow covering my yard and the streets.
So this is why no one was at my house.
It was a miracle. Snow in Florida. In July.
I was so happy.
Snowflakes were gently crashing into my window.
And then... I saw a cardinal.
A bright red cardinal flying through the air.

It was a beautiful dream.
And for some reason very comforting.

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