Friday, April 2, 2010

In the Future

One day in the future, I hope to have a child.
Maybe even more than one.
If it does not happen, I will be fine.
But I do think about it quite often.

Last week, I was watching this new show on television.
Celebrities go on a search to figure out their family history.
To me, it seemed like an infomercial for
Not a very good show at all in my opinion.
But on last week's episode, Matthew Broderick talks about how he did not know much about his father's family.
How his father did not talk much about them.
And he went on a hunt to find out more.
And I wondered, what about my children?

I do want Roger's family to always be part of my life.
But will they want to be part of mine?
Especially as I re-marry.
And then have a potential child.
Will they want to know my child?
Be part of my child.

How strange will it be for my child to know I was married before?
Will I talk with them about it?
Will my friends mention it?


1 comment:

Supa Dupa Fresh said...

Interesting questions. Certainly a good reason to keep pictures up forever and ever... to keep the discussion unstrained.

I wouldn't keep an active secret, but I wonder how you will feel in ten years. Ten years... your grief/child will have stinky feet and want to stay in his/her room sometimes...