Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Road

For so many years, I saw people almost do the exact same mistake the other driver made in our accident.
In the wrong lane for the direction they wanted to go.
So they would violently get into the correct lane.
Cutting off other drivers.
Running off the road.
I wondered who designed such a terrible highway fork.
On a southbound road, to go east, drivers had to be in the left lane.
And vice versa.

I remember when the state posted your "Drive Safely" sign.
I remember how upset when I saw the location.
It was so far away from the road.
The other driver would never see it.
Other people would never see it.
And logic said, "Perhaps they are going to do some construction soon."

Then a year or so ago, they started.
And for a while now, Roger's sign has been hidden.
I keep waiting.
I keep hoping to see it again.

And while I wait, they did it.
They fixed the road.
It finally makes sense.
No longer can people make the same mistake.
And for that I am relieved.

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John Robinette said...

I see a variant of this too. Seems that in our area everyone is now being told to be more aware of pedestrians. There are campaigns on pedestrian safety and signage for drivers to remind them that people actually cross the street, in the crosswalk, when they have the walk sign - like my late wife did. I don't know how it makes me feel seeing these signs. I guess I hope that some good will come from my late wife's death, but I don't like the regular reminders.

Keep up the thoughtful posts...