Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Other House - Part 2

As I noted, at the end of January, my renters moved out.
And in that, Mr. X and I have done a lot of time at the house preparing it for new renters.
We had to paint about half the house, install a new over the range microwave, steam the carpets, and some light cleaning.

Well after we selected the new color.
And as we were painting the walls, I started to think.
[Painting does that to me. Maybe the monotony?] 
"Would Roger like this color?"
"What would he think?"
"Wow, would he even recognize it now with all the new colors inside and out?"

And then meeting potential new tenants.  
I miss his handling most of this.
I miss him being in charge of the other house. 

And as another family moves in over the next few weeks, I wonder what he would think of them.
Am I choosing the right people?  
Will they be good to the house?  

Not to mention how this is all happening in February.
Of all months, February.  
At least it is not August.

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