Wednesday, July 29, 2009

August 7, 2007

It was August 7, 2007.
Roger was turning 33.
And as he proclaimed the year of his enlightenment.
The year of his life he would become a husband.
He compared it to the same year of Jesus' life and Mohammed but I am not sure what exactly he meant by that.
For his birthday that year, he wanted to learn how to surf.
"Yes dear. Whatever you want. It is your day."
It was one of his life goals. How could I say no?
Why would I say no?

It was a Tuesday.
We both took the day off from work.
We woke up semi-early.
Drove over to Cocoa Beach.
And met up with the instructor.
Roger was excited.
Like a little boy getting his Christmas wish.

I was official photographer.
Not great photographer but the day was recorded.
There is even a video somewhere.

Roger was a natural at surfing of course.
He was so athletic that he got it right away.
He was happy.
I was happy.
The few hours of lessons went by quickly.
He wanted more.

Afterwards, Roger talked about how he was going to do this more and more.
He even wanted to buy a board.
"Sure dear. After the wedding. And you have come here several times before you commit to a board."
He agreed.
And perhaps he would have done this.
I would have not minded at all.

I was never one to stand in front of Roger's dreams.
If he wanted to do something and we had the money, then I would encourage him.
So he had a lot of random hobbies.
So what.
He was enjoying his life.
And that is what makes me happy most days even now.
I was with him while he was enjoying his life.
He was meeting silly life goals like learning to surf.
Why would I stop him?

I am glad I got to be with him in his year of enlightenment.
I am glad he had a great year being 33.
I am glad I was there.


Crash Course Widow said...

I'm glad you were there too...and is Roger. Hugs, sweetie! =)

Crash Course Widow said...

I hate when I don't bother to proofread first, before submitting a comment. Argh. ;o) I think I meant to say, "AS is Roger"...or "and I'm sure Roger is thinking the same thing too, wherever he is now." Oops. ;o) Damn brain farts....

Roads said...

Pretty astoundingly good at it, for just one day, too.