Wednesday, July 15, 2009

"You Have All the Time in the World"

I hear "You have all the time in the world" a lot.
Especially when talking about getting school finished.
Over and over again.

But how do people know I have all this said time.
I thought I had all the time in the world to spend with Roger.
Roger thought he had all the time in the world.
But he did not.
He ran out of time.
What if I run out of time?
Life is short.
Life is too damn short.

Roger used to say the same thing to me about having loads of time.
When we first started officially dating and I started to really fall for him, he was really busy.
He was going to school, working full time, and then he was out of town on the weekends.
So for about six weeks, I barely saw him.
I was annoyed.
I was very annoyed.

Roger kept saying, "Don't worry. We will see each other soon. We have our whole lives to spend with each other."
Of course he said this way before we were even talking about marriage.
Or at least before I was thinking of marriage.
He was already threatening to propose at that point.

But we did not have our whole lives.
We only had three years together.
We were only married six very short months of those three years.
And he died one random day.
He was not sick.
He did not have cancer.
He was strong and healthy.

So, how do people know that I have all this time?
How can they be so sure?
Did they know Roger was going to die?
Did they know and not tell me?
I think not.
No one knew.
And yet everyone keeps telling me how much time I have.

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Roads said...

My view is that none of us knows how much time we've got.

Once we understand that, life takes on a different perspective entirely. It's much more urgent, real and exciting. This is no dress rehearsal.

Such important insights. It's just a shame about the way we have to learn them.