Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Who am I?

On Saturday, Roger and I went to get his hair cut. It is still long but shorter than it was before. As we get to leave, I make my own appointment for a trim.

ME: Thursday is good
ME: Sure
ME: Star (pause) (pause) Jimenez
HAIR STYLIST: Still not used to it, eh?

Then this morning, I open my trunk to get out my laptop where the leftover programs have stayed and I see "Star Lester" and that looks weird.

It feels like I'm just not one or the other.
I am getting used to signing the new name. Just not saying it.
Very strange process...

1 comment:

Yesi said...

Baby, It's gonna take few months until you get use to it. After that, you won't miss "Lester" anymore. ;) Yesi (From Puerto Rico)