Friday, September 2, 2011


Teaching is hard.
So very hard to deal with so many personalities and needs.
And exhausting.
And killing my feet and hamstrings.
And teaching, as many know, does not pay well.
Yes, we have summers off but we do not get paid for summer.
Nor do we get paid more than 7.5 hours per day.
I do not know any teacher who only works 7.5 hours per day.
I do not understand how you could only work 7.5 hours per day.
I am working ten to twelve hours a day and at least five or six over the weekend.
I spent two weeks before school even started with help cleaning and organizing my room without pay.
Some nights I do not sleep as I find myself trying to run through the day.

But here is the amazing thing.
Truly amazing.
I am enjoying myself.
I am happy.
I love the other teachers I work with.
My principal is so kind as well as the other administration.
The students are mostly good kids.

I feel part of something bigger.
Like I am making a difference.

I look around my classroom and think:
"This is my classroom. These are my students."

And I got a wonderful compliment.
Someone asked/commented "You are a new teacher?"
"You really know what you are doing."
And for the most part, I do feel like I am doing well.


Katie said...

That's awesome Star! It's so important to have people like you out in the world making a difference! Keep up the great work.

Autumn said...

i constantly go home and think and dream about school. it's really hard to escape... it's easy to get caught in your work. i wish i could turn it off sometimes. i wish i could have other dreams.. i wish i didn't dream about work. i just want to have dreams about traveling... or john... or family and friends. (sigh) keep up the good work! wish we were working together! that would be amazing :)