Thursday, September 15, 2011

How to be Happy

At my old job, I worked with this lady that would have me in stitches.
She has a good ol' Southern Tennessee twang.
She would tell it as it is.
And she would be funny about it.

Way before I met her though.
Probably 10-15 years before I met her.
She lost her son.
A small child.
To cancer.

And I remember watching her.
Feeling so sorry for her.
How can she be happy?
How can she crack jokes?
How can she smile at other children?
Just how?

But now I get it.
You never forget.
And I am sure there are days.
And moments.
And maybe even months.
But the loss scars over eventually.

For some reason, September has been harder than I imagined.
But there are days were the loss is just a scar.
And I can smile, crack jokes, and be happy.

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Janine (txmomx6) said...

I wrote this same thought on yesterday's Widow's Voice .... that, for some unknown reason, this month seems to be harder on many of the widowed people I know, including myself.
Well, I guess I know why for me .... I'm dealing with teenagers who can't seem to make smart decisions, so I'm dealing with the aftermath and it sucks. Hugely. And it mostly sucks because Jim is not next to me, supporting me and helping me realize that, this, too, shall pass. When you're alone .... it seems like nothing will pass. It will just continue to be.
My brain knows differently, but my heart, which will forever be scarred, cannot sometimes feel the reality through the thickness of the scars.
I wish you a better end to September than what you've experienced so far.
We do know that we will survive .... and smile ..... again and again.
Thank God.