Wednesday, December 23, 2009

August 22, 2008

It is about 6:00 am.
It is still slightly dark.
The paramedics arrived a few minutes ago.
They divided up and people are working on Roger.
But he is stuck in the car.
I wish they would just concentrate on him and leave me till later.
But later I find out that I am in a semi-serious condition as well.

Since my neck was hurting and I can barely move it, the paramedics put me in a neck brace.
And on a wooden backboard.
Shards of glass are still in my mouth.
And in my hair.
And all over my body.
The combination of the board, my head, and the glass on the back of my head is pressing into my scalp. I am trying to wiggle just a little to be more comfortable.
But of course the paramedics keep telling me to stop moving.

It is raining.
The rain is getting into my eyes.
It is also wetting my hair.
I can smell the relaxer chemical from the night before.

I am crying.
I want to know about Roger but no one will say anything.
Michelle, the paramedic assigned to me, tells me I have been in a serious accident.

As they start to lift me, they start to lose their grip.
They almost drop me.
The board is wet now and I am heavy.
I try to not think about falling off the board.
And into the ground.

They finally get me onto the stretcher.
And into the ambulance.
My left arm is hurting and bleeding.
My right knee is hurting.
I think I broke both.
But I cannot see them.

I am starting to hyperventilate.
My blood pressure is high.
Michelle is trying to calm me.
She is rubbing my head just slightly.

The ride is really bumpy.
I hope cars are moving out of the way.

Michelle tells me that she has to cut off my clothes.
I am upset.
I love these jeans.
I just bought this shirt.
And it is a Victoria Secret bra.
She leaves on my underwear.

I have been in a serious accident...

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