Friday, December 4, 2009

Tuesday, August 18, 2008

I woke up first.
As usual.
I did not want to go to work.
There was a storm coming-Tropical Storm Fay.
Lots of rain and lots of wind.

But I got up anyway.
I took my shower.
Got ready.
Said goodbye to my husband.
And left for work.

But I was scared to go to work.
There was a weird gut feeling in my belly.
The radio weather guy was telling people to stay inside unless they absolutely had to go out.
My job was not absolutely necessary.
I did not absolutely have to go out.
If anything, I could do my work from home.
Or any place with internet access.

I had this fear I was going to be in an accident which had been going on for a few days or so.
I could not convince myself to drive the 80 plus miles that day to work.
Not that day.
As I was about to exit my neighborhood, I decided my salary was not worth my life or my car.
I turned around.
I headed back home.

I called my director.
"The weather guys on the radio are saying to stay home unless absolutely necessary to be out in this weather. And schools are closing."
"Well, our office is still open. Some are saying the bad part of the weather will not be until this evening. Unless you want to take a vacation day, you need to come in."
"It takes me over an hour to get to and from work. If the weather comes this evening, I could get stuck. Can I work from home?"
"No, our policy does not allow you to home."
[Now, under a previous director, one I absolutely loved, I was allowed to work from home on a regular basis and on several occasions for much less serious reasons. I would probably still be working at this company if she was still my director.]
"Well, I will take the vacation day. My life and my car are worth it."
And what I was thinking: A weather guy knows a little more than you about what is dangerous and what is not.

I pulled back into the garage.
I took off all my work clothes.
I went back to bed.
Roger asked me what happened.
I told him about the radio weather guy.
He was a little annoyed that I was home with such a "minor" storm.
But he said it was my decision.
I reminded him people die in hurricanes and this was like a baby hurricane.

Roger was working from home that day.
I cannot remember why.
Was he still on call?
Was Tuesday his normal work from home day?
Was his office more sensible?
I cannot recall.
But he was home.

It was nice.
I was glad of it then and I am more glad of it now.
It was one of the last times we spent the entire day together.
He was working most of the day and I was just relaxing.

Side note: My office did end up closing around noon. And my coworkers were allowed to work from home. But whatever...

I am so angry that he did end up dying that week.
From such a minor storm.
I am so angry that I was in an accident.
But at least I had that day.
It was worth my vacation day.


Mars Girl said...


AnxiousMummyto3 said...

Hey there,
it must be so hard to have had that nagging bad feeling while other people were dismissing the storm as as so 'minor'. I am so glad for you also that you had that day. Thinking of you.

Roads said...

You made the right decision.

And that director needs to be fired. Today.