Wednesday, December 16, 2009

October 1, 2007

It was a Monday.
It was my birthday.
I took the day off.
Roger had bought us two year passes to Universal.
We were on our way to ride some roller coasters.
I was excited.
I love roller coasters.

We also had dinner with friends.
Just a few friends at PF Changs.
Followed by a night of bowling.
It was a fairly low key night.

But I was excited about one important thing.
My last single lady birthday.
By the next birthday I would be married.
I could not wait for my first married birthday.
To get my first "wife" birthday card.

But, the next year, October 2008, I was not married.
I did not receive my first wife card.
I went to the beach with some friends.
Had dinner with some girl friends.
And the day after my birthday, I met with a life insurance guy.
To "investigate" Roger's death.



Anonymous said...

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Joanne said...

Not to take anything away from your post, but this JillianHinderliter is a virus/spam message.

Jen Hodder said...

I am so sorry! I feel your pain in the entire area of "what was supposed to be and what is not."

My heart goes out to you with every one of your posts.

Hugs to you!