Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sweet Relief

On Wednesday I got my will signed.
And it feels strange to have it done at thirty when most people are enjoying married life and kids and trips with their husbands and wives.
But at the same time I feel a bit relieved.

Roger died interstate.
Meaning he did not have a will.
I had to figure out where things went.
Who got what.
What to do with his motorcycle.
What to do with his gym equipment.
What to do with his prized possessions.

For the last two years, I was always afraid of my death.
Not for the normal reasons.
But for all the things that would happen afterwards.
Scared of who would be in control by default since I did not have children or a husband.
It was a constant thought.

But now I feel like I can die in peace of sorts.
At least who I want will be in control.
They can make the decisions.
And since sometimes it feels like we share a brain, I know things will be okay.
They will be able to figure it out.

For everyone who reads my blog:

  • Get a will especially if you have kids.
  • Get life insurance especially if you have a spouse and/or kids.  
  • Make sure someone knows what to do with your organs.
  • Make sure someone knows what to do with your body.


Beaglemania said...

small correction - someone who dies without a will dies Intestate, no R, an interstate is a highway lol

a person who makes a will is called the testator

Lacey said...

My husband was killed just 3 months ago. I know I need to make a will, I think about it often, it's a weight on my shoulders. If something happens to me I don't want my family and my husbands to have to figure out how to divvy up our belongings ... I just can't find the energy to get it done. Did you do it through a Lawyer or a legal website ? Do you have any suggestions for some thing quick and efficient at least just for now? Thanks

Mars Girl said...

I keep meaning to do this and it's been almost 10 years since my husband died. He didnt have a will either. I totally agree with you. I just havent gotten around to doing it. Which is bad. You put the bug back in my ear...

Anonymous said...

My husband didn't have a will but it wasn't a big deal. Everything we had was ours and everything that was his will go to our son when he gets old enough.
I drew up a will and trust only a few months after my husband's death. I needed to make sure that my son would be taken care of if he was underage. I wanted my wishes for him to be known if something happened to me.
I was 35 when my husband died. I was 35 when I made my will and trust.
Luckily, we both have/had private life insurance. I am a firm believer in that. But not many young people think about this. They should. I hope they do.