Friday, August 5, 2011

"Always With You"

Like most people, Mr. X likes Harry Potter.
Both the books and the movie.
I, unlike most people, have never read the books.
Years ago, I watched the first and second movies but fell asleep during the second movie.
I have gone to Harry Potter land here in Orlando but mostly for Mr. X.

A friend of ours was hosting a Harry Potter night last weekend.
He was showing part I of the last movie at his home and then we were going to go see part II at a theatre.  
Now, I was mostly doing this for Mr. X.
And to have social time since I do not see this friend too often.

I was a bit nervous.
Would I be completely lost seeing the end of the series and not the middle?
However, the movie was done well enough that I could keep up relatively well.
Not to mention, I have heard many people talk about it enough times that I know a general idea of what has happened.

I did not expect for grief to come into play.
Yes, I had an idea that Harry died or something.
Yes, lots of other people had died too.
But lots people die in lots of movies.
That is not what got me.
What got me was his mother.

I used to tease Roger when we were not together for whatever reason.
As we were talking online or on the phone, I would say something like: 
"How do you know? You aren't here."
He had the same reply every time.
"I am always with you."
Sometimes he would follow up, "I just have to close my eyes and there you are."

Harry Potter's mother said something similar to him near the end after he died.
Something like:
"I will always be with you.  I have always been."
I started to cry.
Thank God for dark theatres.
It makes me tear up even now.

I am not sure if I truly believe Roger is always with me now.
It is hard for me to digest since I cannot always feel him.
And sometimes I wonder if I am making it up in my head when I do.  
But sometimes it does make me feel better.

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Debbie said...

I had the exact same response at that point in the movie! There I was crying at Harry Potter. Glad I wasn't the only one. I'm also feeling a little uncertain how much my husband is "around" these days 'cause I don't feel him as much (hardly at all really). Not sure what that means but even though that movie was purely fictional, it did give me comfort in a strange way. Thanks for sharing, Star. Always good to know that I'm not the only one!