Monday, August 15, 2011

Never Nervous

Last night Kevin and I were watching Next Food Network Star finale.  
It is one of my guilty pleasures and one of the only reality TV shows I watch.
Mr. X and I watch it together as I got him into it as well.  
One of the finalist talked about her father.
Tears came to her eyes.
She talked about how he was always so calm.
He never got nervous but just with through life with a positive attitude.
He has passed away in the last few years.

Tears immediately starting flowing.
Mr. X was like "Why are you crying?"
For my dad, no.
For missing Roger.  
He was always calm no matter what the situation.
And I loved that about him.
When buying our house, calm as a cucumber.
The day before the wedding, cool and collected.
Nothing seemed to rock him.
I asked once if he ever got nervous or anxious.
"Nope, not really.  I have already ran through all the possibilities and the worse case scenario."

Last night as I prepared for my first day of pre-planning, my nerves were become more and more apparent.
My attention span became shorter.
I could not sit still.
My anxiety was elevating.
My heart was starting to race.
Would my coworkers like me?
Would they be helpful?
Can I really do this job?

Why could I not be like Roger?
Even though I have looked at all the possibilities.
That does not reassure me.
That actually makes my brain go into overdrive trying to solve all of the scenarios.

But thankfully today went well.
I am happy with the decision to work at this school.  
And I am loving my coworkers.  

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Wii Fit & A Bet said...

Good Luck this year :) the first year is always long. You'll do fine!