Monday, November 17, 2008

Good ol' charades

Roger and I spent a Saturday night earlier in the summer with our friends Holly and Scott at their condo on the beach.
I was a bit nervous at first since it was the first time we were spending more than a few hours with them.
I mean, we had the beach and the pool, but were we going to be tired of each other? Were they going to get bored of us?
Thankfully this was not a problem.
Thankfully I could count on my husband, of course, for some good laughs.

It started with a game of Cranium once the sun was set and we were all settled in.
Innocent game. Fun times whenever we played previously.
Players get to show off their different talent areas and each talent area has different little games.
We divided up with Holly and Scott against Roger and me.
The game was going well. Roger and I each tried to do different things.
And because he was better at some things than me, we were a good team.

So Roger draws a card and he has to do a charade and I need to guess in 60 seconds what the answer is.
No biggie.
We can do this.

First Roger starts rubbing his stomach.
"Stomach ache?"
He just keeps rubbing.
And I'm... not getting it.
So suddenly I see my husband starting to unbutton his shirt
"Oh my... what the hell is he doing. Why in the world is he undressing in front of our friends. This is not the kind of game we are playing."
Holly and Scott are hysterically laughing as they have seen the answer.
Roger is still unbuttoning his shirt.
Roger has completely unbuttoned his shirt.
He is still rubbing his stomach.
"Oh. My. God."
His stomach is exposed.
He is half naked.
Finally I shout "Washboard Abs?"
Yep. Yep. That is right. That is the answer.
But there's my husband standing with his shirt off.
We all are hysterically laughing at this point.
And Roger was slightly red either from laughing or from embarrassment. And probably the first.
Time had ran way out. But Holly & Scott just couldn't stop Roger.
It was just too funny.

And yes, Roger did have abs.
And he still makes me smile.

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Holly said...

Hahaha I laughed sooo hard through this entire blog entry! Best. Charade. Ever!!!