Tuesday, November 11, 2008

"You are so weird"

This was a common statement between Roger and me.
He was always doing something abnormal.
He said I was weird too.
Almost on a daily basis.
I think I'm pretty normal. Right? At least I can fool some for a little while.
I'm a good pretender.
The doctor at the hospital said my brain was normal.

Roger just had the weirdest thoughts about things.
Or I'd find him doing things that were just weird.
Like excel spreadsheets for everything under the sun.
Or wanting train the cats to be in the circus.
Or having an unusual obsession for Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
Just odd.
But it was one of the reasons I loved him.
Normal can be boring.

He was telling me a story though about another girl he dated.
He said they were driving around in his car.
Which one of the times Roger would normally come up with some weird thoughts and graciously share with his passengers.
So he tells her something about who knows what and I guess it made her angry.
She is so mad and she wants to insult Roger so what does she scream?
"You are so weird!"
At first Roger said he was slightly insulted.
But then he realized in his head "Hey, I like being weird."
He turns to her and says "Thanks!" with his big goofy smile.
This irritated her even more.
He said he just started laughing to himself.

Even before telling me this story but especially after he told me this story, he started smiling all goofy and saying "Thanks" every time I said "You are so weird."
But he knew I was different.
My "You are weird" was out of complete affection.
I loved his weirdness.
It complimented mine.


robyn said...

wow, we say that to each other all the time! patrick and i are so weird! :) but in a very good way!

Kitty Bear said...

Will and I say that to each other too! Weird is good. In fact, I think weird IS the new normal. You and Roger were trendsetters!