Monday, December 22, 2008

My New Right Hand Ring

It is finally finished.
Myy Christmas present to myself from Roger and me is now on my right hand.

As I mentioned, I took my engagement ring and combined it with my wedding band into one ring. It is beautiful. I absolutely love it. It has a high setting with the wedding band diamonds surrounding it with some sapphires.
I'm so happy to have my diamond back on my hand and be able to see Roger's gift to me from two years ago.

The funny/awkward thing was when I was walking into the jewelry store.
It seems after my meltdown, I'm quite well known.
As I walked in the store, the custom jewelry people started searching for my ring.
The lady that has been helping me suddenly stopped helping her current customer and went over to help me.
Either, they all feel sorry for me, I've made quite an impression, or I've just been coming way too much.

But I love it. I will always have it. I will be able to wear it everyday my life.


Kitty Bear said...

It sounds lovely!

Teri said...

Pictures please!!

robyn said...

cannot wait to see special!!! glad you love it! :)

The Pickards in NYC said...

Happy you love your new ring...and can't wait to see what it looks like! ;)


Lisa said...

I'm glad you got your ring back, Star. Can't wait to see it in person.