Saturday, December 20, 2008

Wedding Nightmares

... Still. But seriously, shouldn't they be done by now? Like way way done.

During my sixteen month engagement, I had many wedding nightmares.
They varied from accidentally telling my vendors the wrong date, to being out of town on my wedding day, and from not being able to find my shoes, to not remember it was my wedding day.
The nightmares were annoying but nothing unmanageable.

The funny thing was the wedding nightmares after the wedding.
The actual wedding went perfectly. No major hitches and everything just flowed so smoothly.
It was almost like a dream wedding. Roger and I were thrilled.
I felt all our hard work had paid off. I patted myself on the back.
But yet, I still had wedding nightmares. And the funny thing was they were dreams that our actual wedding had not occurred. I mean, how could we have had the perfect wedding? It must have been a dream.
Obviously, the real wedding was fake and the nightmares were real.
Even Roger was having post-wedding nightmares.
It was craziness.

And now they have started again!?!
Well, at 5:30am yesterday, I woke up in a cold sweat.
I had a new wedding nightmare.
And this one was even a little different.
In this nightmare, my mother was forcing me to get remarried.
The groom I had never met but my mom had arranged the marriage and the wedding.
My mom tells me he is an Englishmen and we were in London to get married.
She had picked out my dress which I had on and all the people helping I did not know. My bridesmaids were strangers.
My hair had been braided down my back.
As I started to walk down the aisle, I started to run away. I pulled my hair out of the braid and started yelling, "I can't do this."
Then I woke up.

Really? Still? Or are these considered a new set.
Ugh. I guess I'm a little nervous about Mr. New Husband where ever he may be.
Ugh, the thought completely overwhelms me.
Which I guess is showing in my unconsciousness.

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