Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Widow Card

In this messed up journey I have to have a sense of humor.
It keeps me somewhat sane even if the sense of humor is dark and twisted.

And I am not the only one.
My blogger friend Supa created these widow cards.
I had a set of them in my purse for a while.
But then I lost them when switching between purses.
And I just have not got around to replacing them.

I have/had fantasies where I would bust them out.
"Stop, I am widow" as I flashed the appropriate card to the "suspect".
I could see myself wearing the official widow badge.
And the official widow outfit all in black with one of those old fashioned birdcage veils in black.
And maybe sometimes there would be a group of us on the "scene" to help out a new "victim".
Yes, it is a sick sense of humor.
But it helps.
I have to laugh.
And the thought of all that really makes me laugh.

But then a new thing happened.
Someone tried to use the widow card on me.
They try to use it in reverse!
Recently I had to fire the person who cleaned my house.
I could not afford it really and it is a luxury item.
She was quite upset.
And guess what, she used the widow card on me.
I was shocked at first by the comments like " sure have changed since Roger has been gone and not the least bit good..." and this one is a doozy: "...poor grieving star..."
Then I was slightly hurt.
But then I started to laugh.
It is a widow card!

Someone was using the widow cards on me.
Someone was trying to reverse the playing field.
She was trying to make me feel bad.
Trying to shock me into submission.
Trying to use my situation as a get-of-out-jail-free card.

Thankfully, I do have a sick sense of humor.
Now, I will just need to get my widow outfit together so I can go fight "crime".


Supa Dupa Fresh said...

Thanks for the shoutout, girl.
That is pretty weird -- a reverse widow card. I think I've received it, too, but memory is hazy. It's the kind of insult I tend to dismiss, as opposed to every single other slight, which wears a huge groove in my heart and brain and ruins me.
But you know, my Supa hero cape is available whenever you want (altho I will be needing it in August for Camp Widow!).

Jennifer M Karn said...

This made me laugh. Good for you for having a good outlook on it. I'm not sure what I would've said (probably something very unpleasant:)

hunibuni said...

I have no patience for the stupid people anymore. I'm quite proud of you for not having to bring someone in to clean up the crime scene.
My widow cards are actually in my purse. I carry them everywhere. I haven't pulled one yet, but gimme a minute.

wacky said...
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