Friday, May 21, 2010


Everyone knows it.
Most people even say it.
Do not compare the dead husband with the new guy.
And I try not to.
Mr. X is different in most ways.
In some ways however, they are similar.

They both liked drafting in high school.
Both are a bit nerdy.
Both a bit handy around the house.
But Mr. X is much more outgoing.
Much more physically affectionate.
And I could go on but I will not.
Because I should not.
It is not good to compare.

When Mr. X moved in, I gave him some drawers in the bedroom for his clothes.
This was bound to happen.
I do not have millions of drawers so the odds were good.
But I was still a bit weirded out.

I was putting some laundry away.
Some of Mr. X's underwear was ready to put into the drawer.
Out of habit, I opened the drawer where Roger's underwear normally resided.
And to my surprise, Mr. X's underwear resided there in the same exact drawer.
Freaked out, I decided to see if his socks were in the same place.
Yep. Socks in the exact same drawer.
I could not even open the other drawers.

Now I know its not huge.
But it was still freaky and weird.
I did not mean to give him the same drawers.  Some of them are not but some are.
Mr. X just happened to organize his things the same way.
So weird.

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