Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

One of my cats was undeniably Roger's cat.
Roger and I joked that she had his personality.
Where I like order, Roger did not mind chaos.
Gizmo's coat was anything but symmetrical or ordered.
One foot does not even look like it belongs to her.

Gizmo is not a huge lovie dovie cat.
Roger was not a hugely physically affectionate person.
Gizmo likes to be petted but not come and sit with people.
She likes to be challenged.
She likes puzzles like Roger.
She is quiet.
She stares with intensity.

She loved Roger.
She would sit near him and would greet him when he came home.

After Roger died, she became a little more attached to me.
Siting next to me.
Coming up on the couch to be near me.
Greeting me upon my return home.

However, since about six months after Mr. X started hanging around more, I become replaced.
Gizmo loves Mr. X.
She will abandon time with me to go wherever he calls her.
She will talk to him.
She will almost fall off the couch to get near him if he standing nearby.
She has become his cat.

And this morning I thought about how my cats are like my very furry kids, I wondered if my cats are now "step-children" for Mr. X.
He feeds them.
He loves them.
He plays with them.
And I was almost tempted to say "Happy Father's Day" from Gizmo.
But something would not let me go there.
Something felt weird to say it.


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