Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Weird Conversation

My sister-in-law, Grace, and I get along really well.
She is more like a sister to me.
Like a big sister I never had. Until now.
I love spending time with her and we make a good team, I think, when we have to do things together.
As we have found out in the last few years.

To top things off, we sort of look-a-like.
Dark hair. Darker complexion. Dark eyes.  Similar body type.
At one point, her mother, my mother-in-law, mistakenly thought I was Grace from behind.
We have been asked many times if we are "real" sisters.
This weekend was no exception.

Grace and I were setting up some tables for a family baby shower this weekend.
A distant relative who was in town came up to us.
The following happened:

Distant relative: "Are you two sisters?"
I look at Grace and she looks at me.
I say, "Sorta" and smile.
Grace smiles as well.
Roger hated to be reminded that we looked alike and could be sisters.
Distant relative: "What do you mean 'sorta'?"
I was thinking: "Really dude?"
I said: "I was married to her brother."
"Oh, are you divorced?"
Thinking: "Oh my. Really?!?  Because no one my age is widowed, right?"
But said: "No. My husband died."
"Oh, that was you?! In the car accident.  I saw the pictures but never realized..."

Then the situation just got awkward.  I just smiled and zoned out.
Grace, living up to her name, handled the situation.
I just continued to smile and say "Thank you" after he offered his condolences.

I hate getting "caught" like that.
I did not think this weekend or place would ever have those weird conversations.
I guess I am never safe.
I really need to come up with an approach.


Anonymous said...

OMG...I'm so so sorry that this happened to you at our baby shower. People just don't have tact or as you mention "Grace". People can be idiots and I'm sure that whoever said/asked that felt/feels like a complete bafoon.

At the end of the day please know that we (your Cuban familia) love you! LOL

Crash Course Widow said...

And for better or worse, I imagine we'll have some of those "Oh, gosh, I didn't realize that was YOU" moments for a long time. I still get them periodically or instances where references to me pop up in conversations among other people. They'll get easier...although maybe no less unexpected.

Hugs, my friend!