Thursday, June 24, 2010

MySpace Fail

I decided about a month ago I finally wanted to delete Roger's MySpace account.
I was getting strange comments and messages.
Plus, it was just starting to bug me that his profile was out there.
With pictures and his words floating in cyberspace.

In the two years I have had to deal with estate issues, deleting a MySpace account is up there in the top ten annoying and frustrating things I had to do.
I had access to his profile.
I could log in so of course I had access.
So you would think I could easily delete his profile.
Nope. Not at all.
I do not have access to his old AOL email account.
So I cannot complete the confirmation process of deleting it.

I emailed their helpdesk.
I needed to make a copy of his death certificate and prove my relationship with him.
I found a few moments yesterday (the joyous things I get to do in my spare time) and I scanned in a copy of his death certificate into a PDF.
Finally, I thought, I can get this done.

The email address I was asked to send it to does not accept this type of attachments per the automatic response.
So I turned my husband's death certificate into a JPEG.
Same damn response.
The actual person kept replying they had not received any attachment.
I replied their firewall was blocking the attachments, dimwits.

The attachment must be smaller than 4MB.
I edited my husband's death certificate in Photoshop to make it smaller.
Now that's not an odd sentence.
Sent again.
Same fucking response!

Real person replied.
Just fax it over.
Or put "Remove Profile" in his "About me" section.
No fax access. Just the "Remove Profile".
"We will submit the profile for removal consideration."
Consideration? CONSIDERATION!?!

Of all the crappy things I have been charged to do in this whole process.
I swear, fighting with MySpace has once again confirmed my dislike for the site.
Where is that dislike button?

My own MySpace is now gone gone gone.


Laura said...

That is SO ridiculous, Star! I wouldn't think that MySpace- a SOCIAL networking site- would require a frickin' death certificate to delete an account! That's so obnoxious- I'm so sorry you're still having to deal with this crap - it seems so insensitive of them! I hope it's all done and done now.

javagirl said...

This made me laugh...I've so been there with having to working getting my husband's death cert into a smaller file followed up with the fact that they will start the process of 'considering' whatever it is that I want them to do. The first time I worked on getting it into a smaller file...I cried and laughed the whole time thinking how fucking weird is this??? The second time I was thinking how fucking smart I was to save it in multiple file sizes...followed closely with the thought of 'how fucking weird is it that I'm thinking this???'

Autumn said...

I had to deal with this yesterday when I had to refund John's airline ticket for a trip we were gonna take. even though i bought it on MY credit card. i cried over the phone with the woman and she was actually pretty nice. she kept allowing me time to put myself together.

your post makes me want to delete my myspace account too.

john hated myspace and facebook. and never got one. i guess im thankful for that now.