Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Cereal Lover

Ask anyone who knew me before and ask them what my favorite dinner is and they would probably say cereal.
All kinds but especially super sweet unhealthy ones.
Like Captain Crunch or Fruit Loops or Frosted Flakes.
I could eat them everyday all day.
As a joke, we even had cereal on our Target wedding registry.

On the days Roger wasn't going to be home for dinner, I made cereal for dinner.
If he was just going to be late, I'd beg him that we should have cereal.
On weekends, as much as I wanted to make waffles or eggs, I made cereal for breakfast.
I adored it.
It was comforting.
It was easy.
It was good.

Best thing - Roger did too.
How lucky was I to find the one person in the entire world that loved cereal as much as me.
So I wasn't being a bad wife when I "made" cereal for dinner.
I was enjoying one of my favorite things with my wonderful husband who loved my favorite thing too.

Now there were some issues.
Sometimes I did make him sit on the other couch.
Roger liked his cereal most of the time without milk.
And then he'd pick the noisest cereals ever.
And for some reason, he was a really loud chewer.
And he would say I had Indian tracker ears to hear him that he wasn't really being that loud.
I also think he hid this fact from me until we were engaged.
I do not remember ever hearing him while we were dating and eating cereal together.
Or any food for that matter.
He trapped me.

But now...
No cereal for me.
The thought of cereal makes me so queasy.
Even writing this entry, I want to vomit.
I will only eat it when there is no other option.
Even going hungry is almost better than eating cereal now.
And I never want seconds like before.

And the oatmeal I used to eat at work, the thought again makes me want to throw up.
I can't even phathom trying to eat it.
I almost feel my gag reflex even now.

This is so strange to me. I guess there is some association going on here. I wish I could love it again. Of course, I wish I could love it with Roger even more.

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