Saturday, October 11, 2008

I was annoying

I know it's slighly mean.
But I couldn't help myself.
I would do small things Roger found a little annoying.
It was kinda fun.
I loved seeing his reaction.
There are two things I can remember pretty well.

First one:
Brushing my teeth outside of the bathroom.
Its a really bad habit from living alone.
I find that I can make sure I brush my teeth for the full two minutes that way.
I don't normally go far.
Usually just in the bedroom.
Watch some TV.
Maybe try to have a conversation or two (I can't help it, I just start thinking of all these things I'm dying to say).
Roger really hated how I tried to talk to him.
But he really did understand me eight times out of ten.
I'm good at talking with spit and a toothbrush in my mouth.

Roger begged me not to do this.
He said I was going to spit up somewhere.
And of course he claimed it was just unsanitary.
And he thought I could also wait to say whatever it was I wanted to say.
But really I couldn't. I would forget.

Second thing (a little/lot TMI):
I loved to take a shower with Roger.
Roger hated it.
He said something about me stealing water or something like that.
I figured it was time saving and water saving.
Plus I wanted to talk to him.
Plus it could lead to fun.
Of course, the really annoying thing I'd do was turn up the hot water.
The water always needed to be hotter.
Then when Roger got into the water, he'd have to turn it back down to what he called "normal" temperature.

It was really bad at the Oviedo house.
The shower was really big so the un-water person would get really cold.
But it was really a time saver.
And there were lots of added bonuses.

Of course Roger was a saint.
He never really got angry at me for being purposely annoying.
And secretly I think he liked me being in the shower with him.
But I don't think he ever liked me and my toothpaste filled mouth.
I'd talk to him though which of course he loved.


Kitty Bear said...

FI and I "save water" too ...and I totally agree about the un-water person getting cold! Happens to us constantly. But he's usually the one to hog the h2o! ;)

clstar said...

Eric and I both brush our teeth outside of the bathroom. We usually walk around and add water to the cats' fountain, make sure the door is locked, etc. Our bathroom is small, so that's made the problem worse than it used to be when we had a bigger bathroom. Oh, I'm totally bad about the talking thing, too.

Joanne said...

Haha. We like to "Save Water," too...well, I do. Javier hates it. He always ends up in the back of the shower, getting wet from the steam, and my feet, fingers and butt turns red because the shower is so unbelievably hot! :)

I wonder if it actually saves water.

dkaufmanuf said...

haha we are installing a second shower head, b/c when Sean comes in he hogs the water! I don't like standing in the corner getting cold. And today at lunch I told his parents we were installing a second shower head (I am an idiot). When I realized what I said I quickly changed the subject