Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Swedish Ski God

Odd title I know.
So there is some back stories to tell.
And some truth that not many people have ever known.

Preface, when I start dating someone, I usually give him a nickname versus having my friends trying to remember their real name.
This practice also comes from dating multiple people at a time and most of my friends could never keep the people straight.
For example, weather guy, Catholic boy (Roger), fightfighter guy, Plan A, B, & C, Hindu boy #1, etc. After a few months, I will start calling them by their real names but only after someone is going to stick around.
But until then point, nicknames only.
Its also easy to remember them in the future.
Sometimes so easy that I forget their real name after a few years.

First, I've only been in love twice in my life (so far).
I apologize to all those guys who thought I was but hindsight is 20/20 and I didn't love them.
Of course Roger was one and seven years ago, Swedish Ski God (using nickname to protect the innocent and in case he is reading, although he'll probably know its him since he is the only Swedish guy I've ever dated).
It took me a long time to get over Swedish Ski God.
I fell hard and fast for him.
Our relationship was relatively short in comparison to most.
He was hot with an amazing body.
He had an accent (100 bonus points as every lady knows).
He was tall, blonde, and just a really sweet guy.
He was the first guy to show me what real love truly felt like.

Second, and the kicker, and here is the part most people don't even know this even now, we broke up about six weeks before before I went to Sweden (most people know the story as we broke up while I was in Sweden).
So for those six weeks, I pretended everything was going great.
I pretended to be completely fine.
So instead of having my friends help me with the heartache, I dealt with it on my own.
I was being hard headed and just didn't want to hear "I told you so."
Huge mistake as this, I believe, delayed my healing!!

So I lost twenty pounds, I moved to NYC, and tried to change my life completely to forget him.
I tried to escape him and Orlando where we had dated.
It still took me two years to get over him.

Unfortunately, I idolized him.
He was perfect.
We got along so well.
Our relationship was perfect.
He was hot.
And did I mention he was hot?

I have this album of our relationship and of my trip to Sweden.
Over the years I've looked at it a few times.
Moved it to various places.
And shared it with various friends.

A few weeks before the accident, I had mentioned Swedish Ski God to some friends at work.
I had found him on FaceBook randomly one night.
So the week of the accident, I took in the album to work.
I was planning on showing off how I had dated this hot Swede.

But something amazing happened.
As I was looking through the photos, he wasn't as hot as Roger.
As I was remembering certain moments, he wasn't as sweet as Roger.
As I was remembering my love for Swedish Ski God, it wasn't as strong as my love for Roger.

Not that I ever doubted my marriage to Roger (ever!), but it really firmed my belief, that he truly was the one.
It firmed my belief that Roger was the best thing ever.
And in a weird long time coming, it completely turned Swedish Ski God into Swedish Dude.

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