Thursday, February 12, 2009

Going to the zoo

Roger loved the Brevard Zoo.
It's a great zoo.  I highly recommend it.
Roger loved it so much he was a member.
I still have his membership cards (yes, several years in a row).
Of course, he only went once in the three years I knew him so I am not sure why exactly he had a membership.

That one time we did go together was fun.
I cannot remember exactly when we went but it was before we were engaged.
We walked around the zoo.  Enjoying the Florida sunshine.
It was better than most zoos.
The animals looked healthy and the zoo was small enough to really take care of the animals.
It is also small enough that it can enjoyed without exhausting ourselves.  

Then we came upon this little half an hour kayak trip that was available for an extra few dollars.
The little river ran by some of the animal exhibits so we could get an up close and personal view without the confinement of cages.
Sounds fun.
Sign us up.

Roger being a member had been on this particular kayak trip before.
So it would be my first time, but I had been kayaking before and my kayaking experience was a nine mile kayaking trip.

We get in line for the safety instruction.
The teacher asks "Who has kayaked before?"
Roger and I both raise our hands and a few others.
"Great, you guys  go ahead.  Just remember not to kayak to close to the animals' islands."  
We go, put our stuff in a locker, and get our kayak.
And put on our life vest for the two feet of water that we will be kayaking in.

Our guide suggested that the heaviest and/or more experienced kayaker get in the front.
Unfortunately, I was the heavier one [except now I weigh the same as Roger did, woohoo!].  
So I climbed into the front.

We get into the water.
We start to paddle.
Yeah... hmm.  Why is this so difficult?  He was not really paddling the way we are supposed to be.
I turned around and asked Roger, "Dear, how much kayaking experience do you have?"
"Just the last time I was here so about thirty minutes worth of experience."

As we kept trying to coordinate, we kept getting closer to the animals.  
And closer.
And closer.
Of course it was the animals that are the most territorial.
The guide kept reprimanding us.  
We were zigzagging all over the place.
Hitting other boats.
Getting too close to rocks.
All within about five minutes into the experience.

I turned back to Roger.
"Hmm, dear, can you just not paddle?  I think that will be more helpful."
So Roger just sat back as I paddled all by myself for the rest of the trip.

Moral of this story... do not get in a boat without knowing what you are getting into.  
Because sometimes, you may find yourself paddling alone.  

Today I was driving around and remembered this experience.
And I laughed.
Geez dear, you could have warned me.  
Oh well... at least it was a fun day.

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Kitty Bear said...

That's so cute! The only kayaking experience I have was in the Intercoastal Waterway, about 8 years ago. NOT somewhere you'd want to go if you're a first-timer! LOL

This sounds like a blast, though :) What a great memory :)