Monday, February 2, 2009

Stupid car

Stupid stupid car.
I hate you.
You constantly follow me around and I see you everywhere.
I never used to see you.
And I swear I was looking before.
I swear you were rarely there.

You are no longer even being made.
You have not been made since 2006 which really means 2005 in car years.
You should be disappearing.

But now, you are here and there and everywhere.
You are at school.
Someone moved in down the street and guess what, there you are again.
I go to the store, you are parked next to me.
I am driving home from the parks, there you are in front of me.
You are orange, white, black, silver, red, and I think I even saw you in blue.

I find myself mesmorized by you.
I stare at you.
Or follow you.
Or look inside you to make sure.

I am thankful you kept me safe.
I am thankful you are tough.
But why do you haunt me?
Why do you tease me?
Why must you be in every moment of every day?


1 comment:

Jackie said...

It's hard to talk yourself out of staring at it, isn't it?
My obsession for a long time was ambulances. I would always wonder if it was the one that had carried Jeff's body away. If the people inside were the paramedics that took him from me.
I don't know if it'll work for you, but I just try to look away now. I try to distract myself. It makes me want to puke occasionally, but it seems to be working.
Good luck....