Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Miracle Diet

I bought my wedding dress a bit too early.  
It was not my fault.  
The stupid saleslady made me feel pressured.  She said the dress was going to be discontinued.  
So I quickly bought it.
The problem: it was for the size I was at the time.  
And I did not want to pay a lot in alterations so I pledged to maintain my weight.  
Even though I still lost a little and alterations cost me $200.
Yeah, silly I know.
But I did not want to buy the dress in a smaller size.  I just did not want that kind of pressure.

So for sixteen months, I just stayed healthy and did not purposely try to lose weight and of course did not gain any either.
It was not too hard.

I also figured if Roger married me at that size, then he would love me forever.
I planned on losing weight after the wedding.  
Then Roger would have a super sexy hot wife not just a bride.  

After the wedding, I lost about six or so pounds until August.  
It was really slow process.
But it was fine.
I was happy with it.
I just wanted to lose about fifteen pounds before the one year anniversary mark.

Well, I have accomplished that goal.  
And then some.
I have lost a total of twenty-six pounds.  
Not exactly the diet I wanted to be on.
I do not recommend this method at all.
It is actually quite painful.
But it works. 

The trick is to have the husband die and the appetite will disappear.  
And then cooking will decrease and eating is the last thing desired.
It's too much of a decision of what to eat and when.
It's not fun to eat the same thing for days on end.
So instead I eat a similar meals or have people decide for me.
Like a can of peas or soup or a PBJ when the bread is not moldy.  

Now the problem is none of my clothes fit properly.
I have bought some new clothes because of necessity.
I needed new jeans but they are already loose.
I needed new dress pants but again they already loose.  
Now t-shirts even look just baggy and not flattering at all.
And Roger's t-shirts that I saved for... I'm not sure why... look like night gowns.

And yes, I could buy new clothes, but I want to lose about ten to fifteen more pounds.  
So there is no point.  
But I just look shabby.
And disheveled.

Sigh... oh well.  This is my life. 

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Colleen said...

Star, I too am on that diet. Having always loved to entertain & cook for my husband I now find myself quite overwhelmed in the grocery store trying to think what to buy for a meal for one adult.

Not being very big to start off with I now resemble Anorexic Barbie, which is not a good look but what is the alternative?