Thursday, January 14, 2010

Crazy Nightmare

Last night I had (another) crazy nightmare.
I hate when I have them.
I really hate when they involve Roger.

In this nightmare, Roger was brutally murdered by this young guy.
It was not the man from the accident.
This man lived in our neighborhood.
And of course I was scared to leave my house.
I do not remember why this guy killed Roger.

One of Roger's former co-workers also lived in our neighborhood (which is not true in real life).
He and his wife were over visiting me at my house when they saw the man looking in my windows (not the first time I have had a nightmare like that).

The former co-worker decided to hunt down this guy.
To revenge Roger's death.
So he ran outside.
Shot the guy down.

I know why these particular things were in my dream.
Conversations from during the day but...

It was a scary dream.
I woke up in a panic.

I hate nightmares involving Roger.
Why can't they just be normal lovely dreams?
Why can't they be memories?
Or something else?
Why must they be bad?