Monday, January 4, 2010

So Stinky

Roger worked out a lot.
At least three times a week and sometimes up to five.
And with that he sweat.
And sweat. And sweat.
When he got home, his clothes would be completely soaked.

Which was fine.
We eventually came to a solution which I documented a while back.
But before that.
Before we moved into together, it was a bit of a problem.
Specifically for his love seat.

The way his family room was set up the love seat faced the television.
Roger loved watching television.
So he pretty much always sat there.
And he always sat on the left side of that love seat.
And he always sat there right after coming home from the gym.
In his sweaty clothes.
His stinky sweaty soaked clothes.

When I would come over, I sat on the right.
Eventually I started to smell something.
"Dear, what is that smell? It smells awful."
"I dunno."

I started to investigate.
It was the love seat.
It completely reeked.

I tried to clean it.
I tried to Febreeze it.
And the smell would go away.
At least for a while.
But then it would come back.

After I moved in, I insisted that we donate the love seat.
I had one and we did not need two.
Thankfully Roger agreed.
Then we came up with the naked solution...
A much better solution than a stinky love seat.

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