Sunday, February 14, 2010


I loved the priest who married us.
He was a cuddly old man who you just wanted to hug.
He felt grandfatherly.
He was also humorous.
He made fun of Catholics.
To top it all off, he had a brilliant idea right before the wedding.

I was walking myself down the aisle.
I was independent. I could do this myself.

Father Ed told Roger to meet me about one-third of the way from the alter.
So then Roger would escort me to the alter.
As a couple we would approach our wedding ceremony.
As a team we take our vows.

The day of the wedding, Roger met me with his gentle smile and loving eyes.
He looked so cute.
His hair a little messy.
All dressed up in his morning suit with his tux tails.
I did not have to take those last steps down the aisle alone.
He offered me his arm. And I willingly accepted.
Roger was by my side.
We were doing this together.
I was no longer alone.

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