Monday, February 1, 2010

Simple Pleasures

For some reason, years ago I got on some lists for charities.
I must have donated to one and they sent my information to everyone.
So every couple of months, like magic, I would get free mailing address labels.
Turkey ones.
Christmas ones.
Flower ones.
Summer ones.
It was great.
I loved them.

When I got engaged, I could not wait to get ones with my married last name.
To see my new name all printed out with a Christmas tree next to it.
To be able to peel them off and send them in the mail.
To make paying bills a little more fun.
I was excited.

So once I changed my name, I threw the old ones out.
I did not need those anymore.
They had my old name.
But I had a new name.
Mrs. J.
I patiently awaited my new charity address labels.
And waited.

And then, Roger died.
And the labels never came.
I figured they forgot about me. I figured I would never see those labels.
Another reminder of life's little pleasures ripped away from me.

And then last week I got a surprise in the mail.
I do not know which charity sent them and I probably should have donated some money to keep them coming but, but I got my mailing labels.
With my current name.
With Roger's last name.

They brought a smile to my face.
Finally my labels.
Finally I could proudly address my envelopes.

Silly simple pleasures.
But oh do they feel nice.


Roads said...

Yes, it's just a name. But it's an identity and a history, too.

I never had a thing about taking on the man's name on marriage. That was entirely up to her.

But I still miss her saying that name when she picked up the phone. I never hear that name spoken now -- or at least, only in my mind.

Suddenwidow said...

I know just what you mean. Just seeing that name in writing is like a validation that yes, he existed, yes, we were married, and yes, we loved each other. Simple pleasures now.