Monday, June 1, 2009

I Died...

... in a dream the other night.  
It was weird.
It was slightly unnerving.
It was scary.

It started with knowing I was dying.
I was trying to put my affairs in order as fast as I could but I was running out of time.
I wanted to write a will.
I wanted to make sure my beneficiaries were really who I wanted them to be.
I was worried about my cats.
I was worried about my ring of all things.  
I felt stressed out.

My mom came to pick me up to take me to the hospital.
She was happy I was dying.
It was weird.
She put me into a wheel chair (suddenly we were at the hospital) and was pushing me around.
Pushing me into my death room.
I looked the same as I do now.  
I did not look sick.
I did not look old but I know that does not necessarily mean anything.  
I had on my normal clothes.

The nurses and doctors were around me.
And we all waited for me to die.
And I did.

But only for a little while.
I am not sure how long I was dead.
I just decided in my dead state that I did not want to die on that day.
Like I have that kind of power.
So I revived myself.

People were shocked.
People were not as happy as I would have expected.  
And then the strangest part of all - I went to work.
But not at the job I just got out of in November, but my very first pharmacy technician job.  


1 comment:

Rick said...

I to had a dream that I was dying a few weeks back. It must have something to do with this whole grieving process?

Thank you for sharing your dream because I thought I was the only one feeling like this!

I just wish I would dream of my loved one more...