Friday, June 26, 2009

My Wedding Shoes

I love my wedding shoes.
Such a contradiction from my dress.
But in grief, I have no control on what things effect me and which ones do not and how they effect me.
And from what I have heard and read, this is true for most members of this "club."
Lucky us.

I wear them a lot.
Probably at least every week or two.
But I pretty much always have.

I bought them in a hurry.
My alterations had to be started and I had not picked out my shoes yet.
So with about thirty-six hours to go, I went to DSW to find something.
I wanted blue shoes.
Our colors were navy and blue and it is my favorite color.
But no luck.
Again, I had very limited time.
So I picked out these pictured above.
Non-traditional wedding shoes. Silver. Cute heel. And Florida-ish.
Being a little practical I knew I could wear them again (and again and again).

I even wore them before the wedding.
I wanted to get used to them.
Or at least that is what I told myself and those who asked.
I wanted to show them off in reality.
So I wore them to work.
I wore them to our dance lessons.
I wore them in my boudoir picture session.
I was already in love with them.

Then, on my wedding day, with my painted blue toenails (if I could not have blue shoes, I would have blue toenails), I slipped them on.
I was so excited.
They were cute and perfect.
Just lovely.

Now days, I wear them when I want to feel pretty.
To remind me of better days.
And just seeing them in my closet, it makes me smile.
They take me back almost instantly.
To my favorite day of my life.
And the best part, they are comfortable.
I can wear them out all day.
People compliment them.

An added bonus, I did not pay much for them.
Maybe $20. Maybe $30.

This is the one wedding item I can keep around without pain.
Amazing how this whole thing works...

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