Monday, June 29, 2009

Orlando is a Small World After All

As I wrote about previously, I was on
Since starting on the dating site, I am going on real dates.
And with that, it means I am going to places in Orlando.
Like restaurants.
And movies.
And parks.
Places where other people also may go.
People I may or may not know.
But especially scary are the moments where I see someone I know.
Like a deer caught in the head lights.

Such an occasion happened yesterday.
With Mr.X [I will not use real name and I am not sure of a good nickname yet].
We were at the Cheesecake Factory located in a very popular area of town.
We went just for dessert.
We decided to sit outside since it was a beautiful Sunday Florida afternoon.
Plus there are less people outside.
Not that I am hiding from people.
It was just more private for being romantic and it really was a great day to eat alfresco.

As we were enjoying our very delicious cheesecake, my wedding florist and wedding day of coordinator were standing on the side walk next to me waiting on the valet to retrieve their car.
About three feet from me.
As in I could have reached out and touched them.
I started to giggle.
To say hi? To not say hi?
What would they think?
Why do I care what they think?

I decided not to say anything.
To keep my face away from them.
It is my wedding vendors for Pete's sake.
Wedding. Vendors. From sixteen months ago.
Yes, they are aware of my "situation" but it felt odd to introduce them to him.

It took forever for them to leave.
I continued to giggle.
Mr. X asked me why.
I told him I would explain in a second.
As they left, I explained to my date who they were.
But I could not explain my thought process.
I still cannot explain my thought process.
Why could I not introduce them to him?
They would understand.
I apologized today to my wedding vendors for ignoring them.
Mr. X was understanding.
He is very understanding anyway.
[Love that quality.]

I am not sure how it will be to date around Orlando.
I do not want to move away.
I am not sure what it will be like to run into people who do not know what happened with Roger.
I am not sure what it will be like for my friends to see me with someone new.
My family.
Roger's friends.
Roger's family.
But I do know that life continuously moves forward.

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