Wednesday, December 24, 2008


One of the million things I miss is the comfort.
The absolute comfort of knowing someone so well that you can be complete self.
I miss knowing what he was thinking and having someone who knows what I am thinking.
Someone who understand why I think the thoughts I think. How I came to whatever conclusion I may get to.
Someone who understands my wacked sense of humor.
Someone who thinks I'm perfect just for him.
Someone who wants to have a degree in "Star"-ology.

I miss the ability to just cuddle with someone with just absolute comfortability.
Just snuggle up with them when the day is over.
Or when the day is just beginning.
The warmth of someone who just holds you on perfect days and not so perfect days.

I miss being my absolute self.
And in a funny sense, I miss being absolutely comfortable with someone that even if you fart, it's okay.
If you need to pick your nose, it's okay.
If you are just you, it's okay.
It's better than okay, it's exactly why they love you.

I miss being comfortable.

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fallgirly said...

I've been reading your blog from afar and really want you to know that I'm thinking of you during the holidays. Merry Christmas